The Pierz Area Commercial Club's purpose:

Is to promote public welfare and commercial interests of the Pierz Community. The PACC fosters business development by attracting businesses and industries that will work within the Pierz Area. We encourage our members to participate and support local businesses, committees, organizations, and activities. As a membership, the PACC maintains open partnerships through regularly scheduled opportunities for open dialogue. PACC promotes economic and civic development through various committees and by maintaining strong ties with the city government. 


The PACC meets bimonthly. Meetings are generally around an hour in length and begin with a short social time for networking and collaborating. Meetings are hosted at various business sites throughout the year. Meeting agenda items include things like events, philanthropy, and skills training. Agendas are sent or posted prior to each meeting. 

As a member of PACC, you can enjoy fellowship among other business-minded community members, your business will be featured in various marketing and advertising campaigns, and your business information will be listed on this site, the City of Pierz site, and a statewide  tourism brochure. 

Application for PACC membership is open to business operators in the Pierz area. Associate membership is open to former business owners, employees, and current Pierz residents or property owners. Associate membership does not include a voting share. Membership is granted after completion and receipt of an application and annual dues. 

The current PACC administrative team consists of President Paula Przybilla, Vice President Eric Boser, Secretary Amber Cekalla, and Treasurer Howie Schomer. 





P.O. Box 3

PIERZ, MN 56364

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